5 Tips for Lockdown Dog Owners

5 Tips for Lockdown Dog Owners

Its safe to say everyone will have a very upset pet come post-lockdown and back to work blues. Our pets have now become accustomed to stay at home working and the separation anxiety toll will not be fun for either parties.


Its important to give your dog space so that when this does happen the recovery process can be easier adapted as dogs won't be used to this change so keeping their regular pre-covid routine is vital. 


1. Stick to a routine - This includes going for the same walks, trips and feeding your dog at the same time as usual.


2. Plan time for play - I know it may seem fun to just seamless play with our pets whenever we choose, this is something the dog will come accustomed to and then start to beg for our attention. Try to hold back and set a certain time for play, e.g. after bathtime is a great time to encourage good behaviour! 


3. Give your dog their space - You may notice your pets in another room, sleeping or being on their own and this is perfectly normal as this is what they would of done without you there, its good to just leave them alone when they are comforted by their own company.


4. Teach them how to settle - Constant attention may result in unwanted begging for you to play or go for a walk, its no fun in lockdown for dogs and a complete disruption of their routine - salvage this in anyway way you can by allowing them to be happy on their own while showing you care. 


5. Calm your pet - We all know what our pets love, whether it is their favourite treat, sun bathing through a window or cuddling with their one and only. When its time to go out, this is unusual for our pets now and leaving them alone can be hard, something that helps our pets is calming music! Pryve have created a stress relief for your dogs to help those that struggle with anxiety and being home alone.


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